“Released in 2012. Travesía is a Journey through Pato’s first steps as a Composer / Song writer, where he sings to his passed and present loves, starting with the first track, ( “En un instante” ). Dedicated to his mother, as well as Mother Earth with his song STOP!
In Travesia you can discover the spice and taste of Latin America and Spain with it’s variety and fusion of music styles.
You can hear the stories of places like “Tango Café” where he continues this musical – life journey once arrived in Australia in 2008, exploring the view of the multicultural mixture that is eye opening for him foot printing it in “From The World”.
Travesia is the result of an intensive work who has traveled the world to come together all in one, collecting the collaboration of distinguished artist from Chile, Brazil & Mexico throughout Australia in a complete musical/artistic journey. “



“To be released in 2017. Raíces as it’s name says, it’s the re-encounter of Pato and his acknowledgement to the “Roots” of the human spirit incarnated.
He returns to the origin of cultures to gain in essence what he has been able to turn into music & inspiration.
As another journey in his life, he re-discovers the fruitful connection to the soul of one, and through his own experience moving in this field he returns to Chile after visiting North America, without expecting to once again commence with the recording of his second album, were some musicians from the album “Travesía” participate once again in this co-creative work, adding on-board some new participants to this new experience.
Raíces is a mixture of flavors and colors, a journey from North to South America, throughout India, Indonesia & Australia. As Pato’s passion for sharing art in general, he continues with the essence of his first album, adding a whole new fusion to his usual song writing style and enhancing the vibrant characteristic from each place he has visited on his learning in life-spiritual path. .”

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